The Best Locks Or Security For Sliding Windows

When most homeowners think about boosting home security, they often think about securing doors and installation of surveillance cameras in a home. What many people often overlook is the security threat that unsecured windows, and more so sliding windows, pose to a home. Research shows that many burglars actually use windows to gain access to homes- more often than they use doors. As such, you need to beef up the security of your windows. Here are some measures you can take to seal the security loopholes that sliding windows pose to your home:

1. Invest In Auxiliary Locks

Many sliding windows usually come with locks of their own, but these latch locks are simply not enough security. They are extremely easy to pick, especially for experienced burglars, and since the windows slide noiselessly, getting inside your house becomes a walk in the park. You can reinforce the security of these windows by installing secondary locks, which you can easily acquire from 24 Hour Locksmith. These locks can only be accessed from the interior, which reduces the chances of a forced entry a great deal. They can either be sliding bolts or even pin and chains, or a host of other models. With the help of 24 Hour Locksmith, these locks can be installed on your windows in a matter of seconds.

2. Pieces Of Timber

Another security threat posed by sliding windows is the fact that they slide with remarkable ease, and without producing any noise. To deter thugs from entering your house through these windows, find long pieces of timber, and fit them nicely in the space between the window and its frame. The piece of wood needs to be able to fit in the tracks of the window, but it also has to be hardy enough to keep the window from opening if pushed by intruders. Not only will the timber make it impossible for thieves to open the windows, but you can also rest assured that their efforts will not be noiseless and that they won’t go unnoticed.

3. Cover Your Windows

It is amazing how a simple thing like using blinds and curtains can go a long way in helping secure your windows. Leaving your windows uncovered makes your house vulnerable to housebreakers, and especially at night when the house is illuminated by the lights inside. Take care to cover your sliding windows: for all you know, leaving them uncovered may be the only reason a burglar enters your house. Don’t entice the thieves in any way.

4. Window Sensors

Another way you can improve the security of your sliding windows is by installing window sensors.. When the sensors sense any movement, they raise an alarm. This not only brings your attention to the activities of a burglar, but it is also enough to send most burglars fleeing. The last thing the hoodlums want is any attention drawn to them, so the sensors will do a great job of deterring the thugs.


One cannot overemphasize the importance of making your windows burglar- proof. It might seem trivial, but it can cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Contact 24 Hour Locksmith today in order to learn the best way to secure your windows.