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The Restricted Access Of Websites In Mainland China

Mainland China has restricted internet browsing nearly in all the cities of China excluding Hong Kong and Macau. According to the report nearly 1.3 million websites has been blocked till now and among them Google and Facebook are the major one. Nearly every genre of websites has been blocked including search engines, social media, apps, media, entertainment, porn, academic and many others. The internet regulations in China is very strict and there are more than sixty regulations implemented by different government sectors of China. The internet control of China uses one of the most advanced technology and they not only put restrictions over the websites but also monitors what the users are accessing through internet.

What Are The Websites Blocked In Mainland China?

There are loads of websites that are blocked in China and listing all of them is not possible. We have listed some of the leading internet websites that are currently blocked in the country:

Google: Google is known as the most popular search engines worldwide. There are many people who even can’t think internet without Google. But, China has blocked all the Google properties including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Google Maps, Google Hangouts and Google Sites etc.

Social Media Websites: There are a lot of social media websites available which are blocked including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, Tmblr, Linkedin, Blogspot, Snapchat, Flickr, Hootsuite and many others. Among them Facebook is one of the largest social media websites which is used by billions and billions of people worldwide but shockingly China is not concur to use Facebook.

Entertainment Websites: A lot of entertainment websites are also under the list and among them YouTube is the mostly used video sharing websites worldwide. YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009. Many other entertainment websites like porn sites, Xvideos,, SoundCloud etc. are also blocked.

Media Websites: In the list of websites blocked in Mainland China, media sites are the next one. There are many media websites are available in the blocked list including The New York Times, Radio Australia, The Wall Street Journal, Google News, Netflix, Daily Motion and many others.

The above given list contains some of the names that are restricted to use in China but there are many more names available. But the major question that is there in everyone’s mind is why China government does not want to allow the use of these websites in their country?

Why The Websites Are Blocked In China?

There could be many reasons behind this decision but it can be said that the decision has been made in order to maintain anti-pollution, anti-corruption, to protest ethnic riots in country. According to many people it is about something else. Basically, it is topic of controversy. However, now the thing is, is it good for the people of China? Some of the websites like, Wikipedia and other academic websites which are blocked it can affect the students. Moreover the absence of webmaster tools like analytics, Google Drive, DropBox etc. can affect many people’s work procedure.