The Restricted Access Of Websites In Mainland China

Mainland China has restricted internet browsing nearly in all the cities of China excluding Hong Kong and Macau. According to the report nearly 1.3 million websites has been blocked till now and among them Google and Facebook are the major one. Nearly every genre of websites has been blocked including search engines, social media, apps, media, entertainment, porn, academic and many others. The internet regulations in China is very strict and there are more than sixty regulations implemented by different government sectors of China. The internet control of China uses one of the most advanced technology and they not only put restrictions over the websites but also monitors what the users are accessing through internet.

What Are The Websites Blocked In Mainland China?

There are loads of websites that are blocked in China and listing all of them is not possible. We have listed some of the leading internet websites that are currently blocked in the country:

Google: Google is known as the most popular search engines worldwide. There are many people who even can’t think internet without Google. But, China has blocked all the Google properties including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Google Maps, Google Hangouts and Google Sites etc.

Social Media Websites: There are a lot of social media websites available which are blocked including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, Tmblr, Linkedin, Blogspot, Snapchat, Flickr, Hootsuite and many others. Among them Facebook is one of the largest social media websites which is used by billions and billions of people worldwide but shockingly China is not concur to use Facebook.

Entertainment Websites: A lot of entertainment websites are also under the list and among them YouTube is the mostly used video sharing websites worldwide. YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009. Many other entertainment websites like porn sites, Xvideos,, SoundCloud etc. are also blocked.

Media Websites: In the list of websites blocked in Mainland China, media sites are the next one. There are many media websites are available in the blocked list including The New York Times, Radio Australia, The Wall Street Journal, Google News, Netflix, Daily Motion and many others.

The above given list contains some of the names that are restricted to use in China but there are many more names available. But the major question that is there in everyone’s mind is why China government does not want to allow the use of these websites in their country?

Why The Websites Are Blocked In China?

There could be many reasons behind this decision but it can be said that the decision has been made in order to maintain anti-pollution, anti-corruption, to protest ethnic riots in country. According to many people it is about something else. Basically, it is topic of controversy. However, now the thing is, is it good for the people of China? Some of the websites like, Wikipedia and other academic websites which are blocked it can affect the students. Moreover the absence of webmaster tools like analytics, Google Drive, DropBox etc. can affect many people’s work procedure.

Rewards You Can Get With Your Credit Cards – Signs Of Appreciation That Can Make A Difference

Credit cards are excellent financial tools not only because they make it possible for the owner to make a purchase with borrowed money and pay back the amount used later, but also because they come with lots of rewards. Different cards come with different reward programs attached, so here are a few of the most common reward types to help you choose the card with the appreciation program that suit your lifestyle the best.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Many credit card providers partner with airlines and reward the customers who use the partner airlines with air travel miles. With some of these credit cards the miles accumulated can be used only for air travels, while others allow the owners to use the miles to make travel-related purchases such as payments made for hotel rooms, fuel or car rental.

Cash Rewards

Many cards offer cash back when the card is used for certain types of payments. Some cards provide these rewards only on purchases, while others reward their customers for using their cards for any kind of payments.

Discounted Interest Rates and 0% interest Rate Credit Cards

Many card providers attract new customers by offering very low interest rates or even 0% percent rates. Some providers keep the interest low for the entire life of the card, while others provide the promotional rates only for a certain amount of time such as the first six months or the first year.


Many card providers reward their customers by offering them free insurance in certain situations such as car rentals provided that the rental has been booked with the credit card. If you own a card like this, always make sure that the insurance you benefit from as a reward provides the type of insurance coverage that you need.
Many cards come with insurance for loss of income – these policies offered as rewards will protect the card owners if they become unable to make their balance payments due to a temporary loss of employment or other obstacles independent of the card owner’s intention.

Gift Cards

Another very popular type of reward programs. Many cards offer the possibility to convert the points accumulated while shopping at certain vendors into gift cards or into reward certificates that can be redeemed at the vendors.

There are almost as many different types of reward programs as there are credit cards – when you evaluate the cards you might want to apply for, do have a look at these features, too, as they might seem small money to you, but they make a difference.

Solana Beach Storage Options For Removing Clutter From Your Home

Solana Beach storage companies offer a lot of quality options that will help you improve your home and make sure you have the space you’ve always wanted, even if there’s just a lot of clutter all around right now.

Basically, the ability to rearrange your entire house is just a phone call away, and all the items you don’t use on a daily basis will still be easily accessible to you through gaining access to your very own storage unit.

Dealing with a Cluttered House

Renting a Solana Beach storage unit may not be a great option for everyone, but it will sure help you if you’re having to handle a cluttered home that barely gives you enough space to move around. Old hoarding habits may die hard, and there might be a good use for every item you keep in your home, but there’s no reason why this should impact the quality of living in your house.

A well-built storage unit is the answer. You can rent it out for a fairly cheap price, and you’ll find it will be extremely easy to manage it, since most of the job will be done by the manager and staff of the storage facility.

The process is simple, and it can lead you to the peace of mind you’ve always wanted:

• You can start by sorting out all the items you don’t have to use every day;
• Next, you can select each of them and place it in a specific category;
• You will need to document each item, and determine whether any of them needs extra security, or things like climate controlled conditions, so you can ask about it when talking to the storage providers;
• Next, all you have to do is locate a reliable storage company that also provides moving services, and you can have all your items transferred to their new home in the shortest time possible.

Solana Beach Storage Companies to the Rescue

If you have storage you will already send someone over to evaluate the items you want to store. They will help you figure out exactly which options to choose and whether or not you will need any special features for your storage unit.

The prices are quite low in most cases, although you might need to shop around to get the quality you need for the cheapest cost. After that, Solana Beach storage experts will quickly help you out in removing the entire clutter from your home and get the space and comfort you’ve always wanted.

How To Fix Sleep Apnea With An Adjustable Bed

Sleep is the most essential part of our daily life. An improper sleep cycle can lead to lack of concentration and clumsy behavior. A few things, such as the personality of the person, nature and behavior can be perceived by the sleeping habits. Nowadays, a lot of research is done in this field. According to the researches, the posture of the body while sleeping can help you determine the personality of a person. And the only mattress on this planet that can give you any posture you want is a memory foam adjustable bed mattress.

According to Ana Krieger, who is the director of the New York University Sleep Disorders Center in New York, lack of sleep can cause a disorder in the personality of a person. People start behaving in a rude manner, become high tempered, remain depressed all the time and lose interest in social activities. All these are the consequences of not taking proper sleep. Most of the people can be found out with this behavior due to the lifestyle. Now, people have started spending more time working rather than taking an adequate amount of sleep.

The first thing which a person faces due to lack of sleep is the lack of concentration. In a research, out of two people, one was asked to take a regular sleep for more than six hours and the other was asked to sleep for five hours one night prior to the research. In the morning, when both were presented in the research hall to play a simple game of recognizing different colors from a slide show, the person who had an adequate amount of sleep was relaxed and recognized the colors correctly and quickly unlike the other person. The colors shown in the slide show were easy to recognize, but because of lack of concentration the second person could not answer all of them correctly.

If you sleep enough, you will wake up with a fresh mind. In addition to this, your behavior will be friendly and you would not get angry at small things. Better sleep can lead you to success, as it helps in improving the concentration and new ideas pop up in your mind frequently. If you will not sleep for a proper duration of hours, your mind loses the capability to think in a focused manner. You would not be able to find out the things which exist right in front of your eyes. And even take three to four hours in order to complete a five minute task. Sleep is important as it revitalize your mind and helps you perform outstandingly under any condition.

What Free Debt Consolidation Is And How Can You Benefit From It

If you have heard companies advertising free debt consolidation and you have no idea what it means, then read on about specialized programs and how they could help you out in repaying your debts.

What Is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of taking a loan from a lender so as to pay off multiple smaller debts. That can be beneficial in that you get to deal with just one debt and not many. However, free debt consolidation isn’t exactly the right term, as no one will take care of all your debts for free. You can however benefit from free advice, as well as counseling into what the best consolidation management program would be for you. A company may also be willing to buy your debts and issue a single payment bill each month so that in effect you won’t be taking out a real loan. Find more information here –

The Benefits Of Consolidating Your Debts

Besides having a single payment to deal with each month, it is also highly likely that you will benefit from a lower interest rate, as well as smaller payments each month – otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense to consolidate your debts in the first place. Another thing to consider is that you can eliminate the stress of dealing with multiple lenders, which could mean multiple missed deadlines, collection calls at your home and a load of other problems you probably don’t want to deal with.

Avoiding Scams By Choosing The Right Company

While debt consolidation loans and debt consolidation calculator are indeed a great solution if you are swamped by debts and have no idea how to repay them, be careful when seeing the free debt consolidation ads on the internet. Don’t expect someone to come and solve your problems for nothing in return – chances are that the company is actually giving free advice and counseling on this matter.

Get Rid Of Worries

Even if you have bad credit, you shouldn’t worry, as debt consolidation programs don’t have as strict eligibility standards as banks or other financial institutions. You will eventually find one that can help you roll your debts into a single one that you can pay back in your own time, without stretching your budget. So learn what free debt consolidation really means and consolidate your debts now in order to free yourself from worries!

What Happens If You Decide To Take Co Q 10 On A Daily Basis?

The use of co q 10 has greatly increased in the last few years and that is mainly due to the fact that the beauty industry has pushed it to consumers through various creams, gels and serums. The truth is that while your body produces its own dose of co q 10, when you age, its production is slowly going to decrease. That is when you need to start thinking about supplementing your body with co q 10 by taking supplements or eating foods that are rich in it.

What It Does?
Based on information from scientific research, it seems that co q 10 helps your system convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. Because of that, it has garnered a lot of interest from people who are currently trying to stay in shape by losing weight. Of course, there are many other benefits co q 10 has on your body, including safeguarding you from a wide range of diseases and infections, with some of them including congestive heart failure, liver disease and so forth.

Pros Of Using Co Q 10 With Statins

If you’re currently taking statins and you also want to include co q 10 in your daily supplement taking routine, then you should know that the latter is going to help you a lot with treating some of the side effects statins have on your muscles. To offer some examples, these include muscle damage and muscle pain in some people.

Keep in mind that if you want to start taking co q 10, you should not just go to the nearest pharmacy and get a bottle of it and then go right home and take it. It’s very important that you speak to your doctor first, because he knows your medical history and may advise against taking co q 10. There is also a high probability of co q 10 interacting with some of the drugs you’re currently taking and if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant or plan on undergoing surgery very soon, then you should not take this supplement at all.

Get It From A Reputable Vendor

If you’ve decided to take co q 10, then one of the most important things to keep in mind is that it’s recommended you take it from a reputable vendor. This is particularly important when you plan on getting it from the internet, where the likelihood of being scammed is high. Do your homework and only then decide on the vendor you want to buy it from.

Why A Wedding Album Is Essential

Visit Wedding photographers in Kent and know just how important a wedding album can be. Many couples simply think that they can get a friend with a camera to take photos at their wedding. Although this is actually possible, you will certainly regret taking this path once you realize somewhere down the line that a few, out-of-focus images is all you have in way of memory for what might well be the biggest day in your life.

As promoted by UK wedding photographer Lovepear, Kent wedding photography is a huge part of your celebrations. And you need to spring for the entire album package. As much as having a kent wedding photographer burn all your images on a disc so that you can re-print them at will, you need to have someone professional enough to organize all of these images into a beautiful wedding album. Here are some good reasons why a wedding album is essential.

Recorded and organized memories.
A wedding album acts as a wonderful photographic recording of that special day. This is one of the main things you will turn to somewhere down the road when you want to reminisce. You will show it to friends and family; you will bring it out during your anniversaries; you will show it to your kids and grand kids. There is just something so authentic about viewing wedding photos on an album. Using a computer just really doesn’t capture that feeling.

Disc aren’t forever.
As Kent wedding photographers, we realize that albums aren’t forever either. Things get lost. But the rate at which technology is going, how long do you think it will be until disc go the way of their ancient kin, the floppy discs? How long till that DVD with all your photos gets scratched and you can’t view it any more? You are just better off with an album as well.

Professional work.
Since you had the good sense to hire a professional from the distinguished Kent wedding photography pool, why not go all out and hire a professional to print and organize your album for you? They do a better job of it due to their vast experience in the field.

Do not let anything put those precious memories at risk. As the years go by, you will remember fewer and fewer details of your special wedding day. Having a wedding album is so essential in that it immortalizes all those little, precious details that bring the whole day back into life every time you bring it out.

Simple Tips That Anyone Can Use To Improve The Way Their Skin Looks

Just like many other people out there, you may think that having beautiful skin is very hard and expensive, but the truth is that it only involves making a few simple changes to your lifestyle and not spending tens of thousands of dollars on God knows what expensive surgery procedures. Therefore, if you’re really keen on improving the way your skin looks, make sure you use the tips we have become up with below.

Purely holistic phytoceramides

If you demand the best and only the best, then using the anti aging supplements at is probably the best decision you’ll ever make in your life that’s going to help you drastically improve the way your skin looks. These supplements are not only fully natural, but they also contain vitamins A,E,D,C which guarantee you’ll see results in about half the time it would take you to notice any improvements with other anti-aging supplements. And since these are also scientifically proven to work, you don’t have to worry about trying your luck and money with something that eventually turns out to be ineffective.

Healthy eating is a must

You have probably heard it a thousand times that if you want to stay in good health, you need to make sure you eat healthy foods every single day. Well, that is true when it comes to having beautiful skin and some of the foods you should include in your diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, flaxseed oil, blueberries and also salmon. It’s very important that your diet is rich in protein, but you should try and avoid consuming too much meat. You should in fact make it a rule to only consume foods that are naturally grown, since this way you’ll be able to easily avoid contamination due to chemicals and also pesticides. By taking a multivitamin, you’ll guarantee yourself that soon you’re going to see some massive improvements in the quality of your skin.

Sunscreen should be used daily

Did you know that it’s very much recommended you’ll use sunscreen on a daily basis if you want to look younger? In fact, you should not only wear sunscreen when you’re going out, but also when you sit in front of your TV screen and computer every day. That’s due to the fact they both put off UV rays which is only going to lead to skin damage. As for tanning, you should try to avoid it completely and that is because it will easily cause premature aging.